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Year Four went to Blackwell Court for a residential trip. There were lots of activities to take part in. Our favourite acitivties were:- Crate Stack, 3G Swing, and High All Abaord.


Crate stack is stacking crates with a partner. We had to try and get to ten crates high without them falling over and without touching the floor. Children had to stand on the crates and work as team, trusting your partner not to let you fall. It was great fun!


3D swing is a huge swing and really high - over 27 metres high. We could set how high the swing went, we made it really scary for the teachers.


High All Aboard is climbing and testing strength. Children had to climb to the top and stand in fours on a small platform. 20cm x 20cm. We nearly didnt fit. If you didnt managed to fit on the board, you fell! Our safety harness caught us but we were dangling in the air! It was fun and scary at the same time.


Written by Niamh and Amelia in Year 4


More to follow soon....with photos!

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