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Feckenham First School

poppiesFeckenham Church of England First School welcomes children and their families from a range of backgrounds into our community. Our school values underpin the wider education of our children, helping to create well rounded individuals who are responsible, respectful and gracious in their role as citizens in the local community whilst understanding and accepting the part they play in the global community too. As part of the ‘Prevent Strategy’ 2011, British Values are defined as: 

- democracy

- the rule of law
- individual liberty
- mutual respect
- tolerance of thoseof different faiths and belief 

This definition still stands under the new September 2014 standards for schools and the Equality Act. The school actively promotes the above values through a range of opportunities as children move through Feckenham CE First.

Pupil Voice: 

Children select their own representatives, by election, who then sit on either the School Council or Community Club. 

The School Council speak to the Leadership of the school, sharing their ideas, thoughts and concerns with the Head and each other, thus influencing the direction our school takes. The Community Club meets with theHead and/or the Community Governor to discuss ways in which the school can promote community links, fundraise for good causes (at home or abroad) and assist in local projects. All pupils are taught about online safety through PSE and ICT sessions. Each half term an agreed value is promoted across the school, reflecting behaviours and attitudes the prevent strategy promotes. These link very well with our Christian values set out on our website. Curriculum and wider:Children have opportunities to learn about the history of our country. They also learn about people around them and their lifestyles, enabling empathy and understanding of our local community. Through Geography, RE, and wider curriculum study they also learn about the lifestyles of those further away to see that people around the world have the same fundamental values and principles that guide their life, but they may express these differently. Our school ethos is underpinned by individual freedom of choice, mutual respect, grace, and the right and responsibilities that go with being a member of society. We have a strong link to a charity school in Kenya, which we fundraise for annually. In return our pupils and families get updates, photographs and letters from children who they have got to know over the years since making a link. In our last Ofsted (January 2013), our pupils were recognised as showing outstanding behaviour and attitudes to learning. We feel very proud of all our pupils and will continue to support them in maintaining excellent attitudes towards others, themselves and their learning.


church 2Our Shared Christian Values

Our Christian values underpin every aspect of school life at Feckenham.

Our aim is to model and promote these values in all that we do so our pupils, staff, governors, and parents feel they have a positive working and social environment where everyone is valued, supported, and developed.

We want our pupils to leave this school with academic achievements that will put them in an excellent position to continue their learning journeys to economic independence but also leave us with happy memories, friends for life and a great moral compass to navigate the trials and tribulations they may face in the future.

As a school we see ourselves as an important part of the local community and enjoy being involved in village events and activities with other schools. However we also acknowledge a wider responsibility to the environment and world community which we support with money raising events or through prayer and reflection.

Values are a focus on a half termly cycle which will be determined through discussion with staff and pupils on what we feel is an important area for reflection and promotion. However there is a core set of values which are implicit in our ethos; these are:

Respect, Kindness, Empathy, Perseverance, Aspiration

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