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This page will be full of support material to enable you the parent to support your child's learning when not at school. You may find other useful information on our Policies Page

How can you help to support your child’s learning at home?

Your child will be encouraged to develop and embrace a Growth Mindset.

This focuses on effort rather than intelligence, speed or talent.




Making mistakes and knowing this is part of being successful.

We believe that anyone is capable of achieving, improving and progressing.

Anyone can get better at anything with continuous, purposeful practice.

There is no fixed ability grouping. All children have equal opportunity.





How can you help with Spellings?...



Practice all of the High Frequency Words.

Practice spelling them (not as a test), reading them and using them to embed the muscle memory when handwriting.

Pyramid words (build the word from one letter, then two, then three etc. t   th   the     ther     there

Shape that a word makes.

Drawing a picture that becomes part of the word. Lk

Children need to have deliberate, consistent practice. One word a night is absolutely fine and they keep that word until they remember it.



Useful Websites


BBC KS1 Bitesize literacy - BBC Bitesize English

Top Marks - Topmarks

ICT games - ICT Games

Phonics Play - Phonics Play 


             Year 1: focus on phase 3 to phase 5.

   Year 2 As above but include phase 6.

There is no need to subscribe to any sites there are plenty of free games.



Topmarks is a great site for maths practise too.

Children will always need quick recall of their multiplication tables to underpin their learning and also their knowledge of number and counting to 100, including spotting numbers that make 10 (Number bonds like 3 and 7, 9 and 1 etc moving on to 21 and 19, 46 and 34 to make a multiple of ten etc).


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