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Hello Everyone

Welcome to Feckenham C.E. First School. We can't wait to meet you. 

Mrs. O'Donnell is going to be one of the adults who teaches you when you come to school in September. Below is a video of Mrs. O'Donnell and there is a link to a story called 'The Smartest Giant in Town', which Mrs. O'Donnell is reading. Things are very strange at the moment but we hope you can get to know Mrs. O'Donnell 'virtually', ready for when you start school. Keep popping back to this page every few weeks for any updates for September. 


Click on the link below and enter Feckenham as the password. 

Parents and Carers, please be mindful of any adverts and other videos on the site at all times. Unfortunately due to the size of the video, it can not be directly uploaded to our website and we have no control over any adverts that may pop up. 



Parents may find the following leaflets helpful in preparation for starting school. Click on the title to open.




This week Mrs. O'Donnell has tried to ring all the new parents. Not everyone answered so I will keep trying, however you can contact me through the email below should you have any questions or queries.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I read a story called Astro Girl to help the older children at home and in school learn about Space. I thought you might like to listen it too! Here it is


 I hope you are all still keeping well. From the letter sent out this week, you will now know that I will be teaching you 3 days a week and Miss McQueen will be teaching you 2 days a week. Mrs Sealey and Mrs Rutter will be supporting our learning and they will be with you evey day. You will also have a Forest School Session with Miss Welsh. I'm going to get some pictures of everyone for you so you can learn their names and also make you a booklet about routines and things you might need to bring like a drinks bottle and snack everyday. More to follow soon! 

 Hello Everyone. I hope you're all keeping well. Here are some photos of the teachers who will be working with you in Year R. 

Miss ODonnell

This is Mrs. O'Donnell. You will have already seen the video of me. I will be teaching you three days a week. We are going to have so much fun in Year R.


Miss McQueen

 This is Miss McQueen. Miss McQueen will be teaching you for two days a week, on a Thursday and a Friday. Miss McQueen loves PE. She can't wait to meet you all.

Mrs Sealey

This is Mrs. Sealey. Mrs. Sealey will be with you all week and you'll get to know her really well. She plays fun games and loves painting with you. Mrs. Sealey also builds our role play areas, so when you come to school we can decide together what you would like in the role play. 


Mrs Rutter

This is Mrs. Rutter. Mrs. Rutter will be with you all week. She loves painting and sticking and glueing. She's very creative. Mrs. Rutter can't wait to see you all in September. 

Miss Welsh

This is Miss Welsh. Miss Welsh will be your Forest School leader. You'll have fun at Forest School, you will get to build dens, play in the mud kitchen, go bug hunting, paddle in the stream and so much more! 



Have fun playing this interactive game about starting school. 


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